A clarification

Even though this blog is called karachi street photography, not all my photos are of Karachi (in fact, most of them aren’t) since I’m in the city only in irregular pockets of time. I try my best to clarify this with captions and tags, but since it’s an easy detail to miss, please make sure you’re not reblogging a photo with the wrong city in mind. 

Cheers, and thanks for all the love and support.

what do you do when you look at someone’s photographs? do they remind you of something in yourself, or do you sit down and wonder at the person’s life? this is why I hate pictures with recognisable scenes and people you can attach names to. then the names come before the photograph and that is not what I am trying to do. but someone once said, very aptly, the most important thing about art is its relationship with the viewer. albeit it is arrogant of me to call this, these photos ‘art’, when they are stolen moments from other people’s lives plastered as my work. but if they make someone come back, and look for more, or think or remember or feel or want to do say write something, then to hell with all I’ve said above. trying to figure out meaning and purpose and abstract notions of what art is, and does, and wants, belittles both the artist and the viewer.
december 2013